How to use GameGuardian on Android

Follow these step to use GameGuardian

  • In the beginning, you have to install GameGuardian on your Rooted Android device. (Steps are provided in the previous paragraphs).
  • Then, Open Game Guardian and Press the Home Button to minimize it.
  • Play the game you’d like to cheat or hack and then launch Game Guardian. When you are able to see Game Guardian app icon you are able to click on it and join your game.gg01
  • Click on the search button and enter a value. If you aren’t sure, you can change the value to automatically. This will assign the necessary value.
  • Find the worth of money, health gemstones, score, and more. Look up the value you wish to hack or alter.
  • Most of the time, you will find a lot of numbers. The question is what value you’re trying to find. It is possible to change all of the values, however if they’re in a an extremely large amount, you shouldn’t change them since in the event that you do this, your game may crash.
  • To lower the number of values , you have to return to the game and make changes to the value. If you wish to hack coins. To do this, you need to pay money to buy some items.
  • Then you must check again for the latest value. You can see the amount of coins that you’ve spent money on various things.
  • Now, select all the values , and then alter the values into ” 999999999” or any other number you like.


  • You could also use a speed hacks to slow down the game, making it more enjoyable to play, or increase the speed of play so that the game can be played faster.
  • This is all you need to know now that you have learned how to hack games with the Game Guardian app. You can even view YouTube videos to learn the methods to hack games with Game Guardian.

There is no doubt that it’s the best ways to cheat on games or create their modified Apk

It comes with features such as scanning for values, altering them, or speeds up the process to slow it down. You can even design your own trainers and hack scripts to games using this application. You can effortlessly earn unlimited gems or gold within your preferred Android game. All it is done with this application. Game Guardian is said to be the most secure cheating software for online multiplayer games. The only downside is that you must have an unrooted phone or else it won’t function completely.

GameGuardian is a tool that allows modification to the client’s part and doesn’t alter the data on the server, so there is no action that could taken as it is simply making changes to your server and not do anything to server. Be aware that the person who created the game has the power to block players from playing. It is available in a variety of languages and can discover the most secure values. You can now save load memory positions or determine the locations of memory. It is a simple way to make modifications to the game, such as unlimited cash, infinite resources, health etc. It is also possible to utilize this app to cheat in online games , but don’t worry that it will not be identified since it creates multiple copies of itself, using random names.

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